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Samore’s Power Starz Season 4 Episode 8 ‘It’s Done ‘ ☆ (Review/Recap)

Power Starz It’s Done s4 ep 8

A us attorney worked as a mole for a Mexican drug cartel then murdered an FBI agent framed that agent as the mole then tried to frame a second man for the agents murder…

oddly enough Jamie gets up and goes to see Silver. Terry is like why are you at my house.
Jaime says that Proctor has an investigation going on and wanted to find out info.
Oddly enough when he was leaving he picks up an earring like I didn’t know you had a lady he like you know how it is it’s a gray area nothing serious.

Mike is being so thirsty. He tells Sax that John brought him in alone and also wants to know if he went in alone and it was to talk about Donavan.

Tasha is ready to tell Lakeisha that she is doing Terry now but Raina came in talking about she wants to change schools. She had this big ol bruise on her arm… Oh and Tyriq got a new friend called Brains talking about he wants in.

Mr. Tate aka the counsel an is trying to work with Jaime and oddly enough here goes Andre in the mix as well. One of the inner city youth he helped. He has a good project in mind to rebuild the community. Stop the drugs and crime and clean it up.

Sax, Angela and Donavan are finding out that something isn’t right with Mike. Donavan is like he came to my house and asked my daughter not to say anything. Angela is on point like sounds like he went there to try to kill you.
Angela shows them the burner phone that she had. She is like someone in the fed building picked it up when she called after Lobos died.
Sax is like we need more proof that Mike is this huge criminal because he isn’t going to confess.

Tommy goes to see his mother because you know he has questions after speaking to Teressi. She denies it and says to keep it moving. Seems like she was more so avoiding the issue.
Tommy talks to Jaime and tells him about Teressi and he is like he thought it might be something like that but couldn’t confirm it.

Dre is telling everyone that they are going to have a war with the Jimenez family and all the workers are like this is crazy.
Tommy talks to Ghost about this the whole Jimenez stuff and tells him he gotta get back into the game to help him if he wants things done a certain way. He isn’t about to go back looking like a punk.

Ghost goes to see Proctor because he doesn’t know who to trust anymore. He saw Proctor talking to John and gave him a bad feeling.

Tommy goes to see Teressi’s wife. She seems a little suspicious of him but she was really nice. While she went to get him a drink he steals one of her photos from her album. He is determined to get to the bottom of this. She ask him his mother’s name as well because she is probably going to use that later on.
Oddly enough the photo he took was a photo of him and Teressi when he was a baby at their old house which he took straight to his mother.
She was backed into a corner. She had to tell him that Toressi is his father and he left them after taking the photo.

Kate did go to visit Toressi as a warning to stay away from Tommy or she will tell his wife everything.

Ghost does the negotiation for the next meeting with Tommy and the Jimenez. It works well.

Mike and Sax meet up and he does reverse psychology. He tells him that Angela thinks he is the


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