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Samore’s Basketball Wives: L.A. | Season 6 REUNION #BasketBallWives #BBWReunion (Review/Recap)

Basketball wives s6 Reunion

So we start out with introductions and I found it a little funny how the host named Evelyn and said glad to have you back but into diced Jennifer as if she was a newbie.

Did y’all notice that Tamis legs were super greased up boy she was not playing.

Shaunie got called out as fake for laughing about one friend with one then with another. She said cause at the end she knows it’s all good.

The host ask both Evelyn and Tami if this is for show or they are really cool and Evelyn with hesitation said they are friends but Tami being a little shady said we are always up and down if you know us….

Then move on to the beef with Jackie and Evelyn. The host asked her how old is Jackie’s grandson and when is his birthday and there goes Jennifer on the side like I even know my dogs birthday…

Tami made a good point that because Evelyn was the last person to donate it looked like she did it for attention then soon after it comes to light she is coming on the show..

Jackie shut Evelyn down like why did you come from your show that was cancelled to come to mine she said she would rip out her esophagus.

Shaunie gets asked what she thinks and Shaunie says that she would walk off the stage if her kids or family ever got hurt.

I liked that he called out BJ. Because she said she didn’t want drama but she was one of the main causes of it telling everyone’s business.

They brought up the no substance topic. Malaysia was just like how could you say that when I brought it all. I put it all out there on the show and when you think about it like that she is right.

Cristen clears up the miscarriage/ abortion situation. Shaniyah calls her out like I will give you 20k to produce the records that you had a miscarriage and not an abortion. Her sister Aja said that she didn’t mean to say it, it was a blooper.

Jennifer talks about pages in the book. Jackie keeps interrupting everyone and says that this is her platform.

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